Our Story

A few years ago, Joe and Karen Calandrelli had a vision.  Okay, maybe it was not one of those “visions” you see on TV or read about in a gossip magazine.  It was more like disoriented chatter that came about while they were up in the middle of the night feeding their newborn twins.  Through the haze and stupor caused by a lack of sleep, both Joe and Karen realized that they constantly came back to one topic – real estate.  It did not matter what the specific topic was as long as it was connected to real estate.  Joe liked to forecast prices of local homes on the market.  Karen liked to come up with plans for homes that were in need of change.  They soon realized that, together, they could make a great team.  These late night feedings not only fostered the growth of their children, but led to the creation of Chestnut Realty.

Chestnut Realty is built on one simple idea.  Do It Well.  Do It Right.

These words are the backbone of our business.  We don’t just help you buy or sell your house.  We get to know you, listen to your wishes, and dedicate ourselves to make this as smooth and successful a process as possible, and maybe even have a little fun doing it.  We don’t want you to be just satisfied with the job we do.  We want you to be thrilled.  Doing it well and doing it right means that we as your agents will always be dependable, thorough, and dedicated advocates.

We are small and independent.  Unmoored from the requirements of national brokerages, we can adapt easily to meet your particular needs.  We are unique in that each one of our agents bring with them a professional background in another industry.  We think this helps add to the character of our company and helps lend perspective and creativity to a process that can sometimes feel outdated.

Read on to hear more about our individual agents.

Meet Our Team

Joe Calandrelli
Joe CalandrelliOwner and Broker
Joe hails from Dartmouth College where he was a member of the baseball team. He then went on to get his law degree at Northeastern University and continues his practice as a commercial litigator. Joe and Karen have twin daughters, a son, and a Goldendoodle (appropriately named after the neighborhood where they met). Joe is a volunteer youth sports coach and has been known to answer a hard trivia question or two. He is a self-taught carpenter whose claims to fame include a rustic farmhouse dining room table and a two-story treehouse. He loves pepperoni pizza, baseball, and his family, but not necessarily in that order.
Karen Calandrelli
Karen CalandrelliProperty Sales and Manager of Business Development
Karen attended Trinity College where she was a proud member of the Bantams’ tennis team. She went on to Lesley University to get her Masters in Education and taught first grade for a number of years before becoming a mom to her three young children. She has a wide social network and enjoys maintaining friendships from all facets of her life. She enjoys staying physically active, learning about gardening and juggling her children’s social calendars. She can be spotted at local parks, at School House ice cream or driving around to scope out potential homes for clients. Karen’s vision for a property’s future and her knowledge of the local area is unparalleled.
Joe Blake
Joe BlakeProperty Sales and Manager of New Homes Division
Joe received his undergraduate and Masters in Business Administration degrees from UMass Lowell. Along with his wife, Joe is the proud owner of Blake Development, a custom home building company. He has earned numerous accolades throughout his career in software sales and defines what it means to have an entrepreneurial drive. He is the proud father of three children. He enjoys his morning runs, baking, and all aspects of the construction process. Rumor has it he would also play Christmas music year round if it were socially acceptable.